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Panoramic view of Neo Souli
The central road of the village
Menikio (aerial photo)
The municipality of Emm. Papas

A map of the municipality E. Papas

A map of Serres 


The old houses in the village were built with no street plan at all. They were usually two or three storeyed, high-ceilinged, convenient and after all built in such a technique  to make everyday life and agricultural works in big families, convenient.

   The architecture



- Staves (lighting of a fire)

- Ash Monday

- St. George’s festival

      Customs Tradition





Kerkini lake

Thousands of birds, both rare and protege, riverside forests, water-lilies in a large area, fish variety and fantastic panoramic view from the mountains of Beles and Krousia give it a characteristic tone.



Mount Lailias is an eastern extension of the mountain between the rivers Strimon and Nestos, that was called Orvilos in ancient times. T. Litsas, in his unique style, takes photos of the nature.

The cave of Alistrati

The cave is about 50 klmsS.E. of Serres , 25 KlmsS.W. of Drama and 6 klmsS.E. of the so called municipality, at "Petroto".

Photos from the  Greek mission in Camerun , with the missionary sister Thecla among them.





Preparing web site
Break in the schoolyard
"Mobile" library
A photo exhibition
Our students make "staves"


St. George's festival
Processiny of tobacco crops
Making "raki"
Carpet-making school
Old people
"Staves" - lighting of fires



The dovecotes of our students ( Savvas Kostas, Vasiliou Panagiotis and Gizis Thomas).


Our student, Tasoula, draws sketches and holy icons.

            The holy icons  






The history of Neo Souli



We asked from our students to look for photos from the people’s life in Neo Souli showing typical events of everyday life early at the beginning of the previous century. We made a “base” of 700 photos, scanned them and put them in groups such as:

St. George's festival
Wedding, Family ones
Entertaining, Army
Agriculture, Cattle breeding
Education, Personal ones
Everyday life, Festivals


Mr. John Mademlis a professor and member of the flying-club in Serres, flies in his plane – Savannah- over the whole prefecture of Serres and takes photos of very high analysis which he gave to our web site

 Darnakohoria - Menikio


Photos from the 1st meeting of the 17th Pan-hellenic hang –gliding championship  for long distances , on mount Menikion in Serres.



Photos of the old houses of Neo Souli



Learn about the hero of Serres and  the General of the Macedonian Army in the revolution of 1821.





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