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The emigrants have started being repatriated since the decade of 80s. They restore their old houses or build new ones. In recent years many citizens from the town of Serres –and not only-build in the village luxurious villas because the village tends to be a suburb of Serres. Many people of Neo Souli have studied to become scientists and others have become excellent craftsment or tradespeople. There has been a fall in production of tobacco in recent years .

The urbanism deprived the village of its man power but happily in recent years the whole situation seems to be quite different.

In Neo Souli there has been a carpet making school since 1977. It has been founded by the National Organisation of provident fund. This was done as an effort to preserve the traditional art of textile –manufacturing. Young women can be taught by experienced teachers there. Every year several traditional designs from Macedonia, the islands, Epirus and other areas are being reproduced in success.

In the village there is also a cultural club , a club for old people to spend their leisure time,a choir, folk dancing clubs , a sports center, a football ground with tiers and a grass carpet in perfect condition  a smaller football ground, a basketball court and a volley ball court. Nearby there is also a small outside theatre .




The first primary school was established at around the mids of the 19th century  and in 1915 a new one was build, which is the today’s   Gymnasio. But unfortunately  there is a declining number of students starting at the decade of 70’s, because of the people’s emigration and the declining birthrate as well..This declining number is at its highest at the decade of 90’s.In the recent three to four years there is an increasing birthrate, so we hope to have a greater number of students in our Gymnasio in the next school year.

Some comments about the population of the village. After the second  world war we have an amazing increase in population , which was at its highest , according to the census in 1961. In the following years  there is again a declining fall  because of the emigration and  then again we have an increasing  birthrate at the decade of 70’s. According to the census in 2001 the village tends to be more crowded than it had ever been. The five Darnakohoria  and three other villages join together in 1999, as local government, in the newly established municipality "Emmanouel Pappas" with the seat being in Chriso. At the local elections first mayor was elected Mr. Dedousis Evaggelos, with a fathers’s name Paschales, from Neo Souli ,who was re-elected in 2002.